Heavy Duty 12 / 24 V Winch
€ 799.00 (incl. 19.00% VAT *) + shipping
€ 671.43 (excl. 19.00% VAT)

Heavy duty recovery winch 12v  

24 Month Warranty  

Included In Price = Twin handset Wireless Remote.

UPGRADED TO 13,500lb (Almost 7 tonnes) wtith many new features!

Especially optimised for recovery use. Up-rated one piece Albright type solenoid similar to those used by Warn for ultra reliable operation. In response to requests by many of our commercial recovery users, we have shortened the cable length to 24m. This helps prevent cable bunching on the drum which can break out the cross bars.

Super powerful 12V 6hp series wound electric motor.

Power In / out removable big grip extra long (4.5m) corded handheld remote control unit

Tough three stage gearbox.

Albright type solenoids.

Free wheel clutch.

Super heavy duty 4 roller fairlead.


Landrover Part Number: WM13000
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