Are your products new?

- In general my products are not new (most of the items have been manufactured 30-65 years ago!). If reconditionned, they have been cleaned, stripped and rebuilt. I always check bearings and replace them 80% of the time. Oil seals are replaced always.

Do your prices include VAT?

- All prices are including 19% VAT. All private persons who buy from Germany, will be charged with 19% VAT. Companies who buy from within the EU, will not be charged with VAT - if you have a valid VAT number. Since 06.21 all private persons (except from Germany) can buy without VAT. You can register and log in to the website to see if you have to pay VAT or not.

Where do you ship?

- Worldwide postage. Buyer is responsible to make sure it is allowed to import the obtained product (If unsure, I can help with this) Import taxes may apply in certain cases.

Why does my order show no shipping costs?

- Orders which have to be shipped on a pallet (internationally) will need a specified quote. Please ask for one if you intend to buy one of the larger products (like drum winches). Do not forget to send me the full shipping address, so I can lookup the cheapest price. Also for smaller orders you might get a seperate invoice for the shipping charges (for instance if you buy multiple items).

How long does it take to ship my order?

- Handling time for an order is usually 1 day. Orders over 1000 EUR shipped outside the EU require 1 extra day due to customs documents. Shipping time depends on the destination. Please ask and I will enquire.

Can I collect my order in person or send a courier?

- Yes, but please make an appointment first, as I am not always around. In case you send a courier, it is enough to know the day of collection.

What does 'NOS' mean?

- All products marked with the 'NOS' tag are new old stock, which means they have not being used before. They are not always packed in its original packing, but sometimes they are. Please ask if in doubt.

Would you also recondition things for me?

- Sure, please fill in the contact form or send me an e-mail to discuss all details. If possible, add a couple of pictures of the item.

The manuals show parts which are not on the photographs, why?

- The manuals you can download on my website are only for orientation purposes. You will always get exactly what is shown on the photographs / described in the text, not what is pictured in the manuals.