Professional 12 / 24 V Winch
€ 999.00 (incl. 19.00% VAT *) + shipping
€ 839.50 (excl. 19.00% VAT)

12V Electric winch rigged with 28m UHMWPE  11mm / 12 strand synthetic rope.    

Twin Handset Wireless Remote FITTED AS STANDARD ON THIS MODEL  

Genuine WINCHMAX Product.


Fitted with 28m UHMWPE 11mm (similar to Plasma) synthetic rope.  Safer stronger & lighter than wire rope. Flexible non kink - easy to handle & wont splinter.  Does not store energy like steel cable reducing whiplash risk. Floats in water.  Over 8000KG breaking strain!  

13,000lb (almost 6 tonnes) straight line pull. Super powerful 12V 6hp series wound electric motor Power In / out removable big grip corded handheld remote control unit. Tough three stage gearbox Up-rated one piece type solenoid for ultra reliable operation.  Free-wheel clutch  Aluminium hawse fairlead.

 What's in the box;          

Winch unit complete with 100 foot of synthetic rope        

CNC machined aluminium alloy hawse fairlead        

Twin wireless handsets        

Solenoid unit complete with all cable required to connect to vehicles battery        

Heavy duty hook with safety lock and marker tab        

Six mounting bolts        

A power in / power out big grip corded remote control unit complete with cable         Comprehensive user manual including safety information        

Heavy duty WINCHMAX branded winch cover

Landrover Part Number: WM13000
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