Fairey / Mayflower Drum Winch - Complete Setup
€ 3,999.00 (incl. 19.00% VAT *) + shipping
€ 3,360.50 (excl. 19.00% VAT)

Fairey / Mayflower Drum Winch, complete setup with many new parts.

All bearings and seals have been replaced, The L.H., R.H. + Rear frames have been made new. As well as the top plate with label, all 4 Rollers and the paper gaskets.

Included is a replacement drive line for all (Fairey / Superwinch) Series and Defender Drum Winches. The shafts are about 1 meter each, so you can cut them to the required lenght. The keyway in the shaft has been made long enough so it can be used on all models after cutting the shaft down. The keys are also included.

The shafts are made out of 3/4 inch stainless steel.

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